Query update stopped at 35% - 12/09/2017


I'm trying to pull data from DBM via supermetrics, but the query stopped updating at 35% and we waited for a really long time and we still can't get any data. 

Is it something we can do about it today? Thank you. 



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  • Hi,

    We are having issues on a low success rate of running queries for Double Click. Unfortunately this issue is at Google's end and we can only support them on fixing the issue. 

    Please visit https://support.supermetrics.com/support/discussions/topics/19000019321 for more information.

    We're sorry for the troubles that this is causing you. 

    Best regards,

    - Supermetrics Team

  • We're having the same problem pulling page data from Google Analytics. I've tried refreshing and recreating the query several different times now, and it stalls at 35% each time.

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