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Hi, i wanted to create a realtime dashboard with Data Studio. Why?

  • Display active viewers of a page and create a sense of urgency for users looking at an item with finite inventory. 
  • Display the most popular content such as the top 10 active pages. 
  • Create and display a real time dashboard (TV Campaign Traffic).

GA Chrome Extension / Supermetrics Connector can update data in spreadsheet in 1 hour intervals (too slow for our case but GA data export is possible).

Problem data in BigQuery are also buffered or updated with a delay. 1-10 Data updates per second are not possible.

I am not a Dev who could write himself a script to export data via Live / Realtime GA API into e.g. spreadsheet / BigQ.

  • Should you query the data via GA Real Time API or "streaming"? 

Real Time GA API


  • Will be this case possible in the near future to be implemented with a spreadsheet and supermetrics?

I found also follow smart instructions:

but I could not reproduce the instructions. I could not creat a SuperProxy or start a Google Cloud Service (instructions i think are not uptodate). Has anyone already implemented this case?

  • Hi Frank,

    thank you very much for the tip! We have a voting system for our next data sources and you can participate in it here if you wish. Real Time GA has gotten votes from other users as well so the demand is definitely growing and we're looking in to it.

    Were releasing new data source connectors on a fast pace and the best channels to know what's coming next are our Twitter and newsletter.

    Best regards,
    -Supermetrics Team

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