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System error for Facebook Insights Connector


Whenever I try to do the direct connection to Data Studio for Facebook insights, it gives me a System Error message. 

Any help?

Hi Ed,

sorry to hear about it. Could you please send us more details on when this is happening. Is it happening during the login process or when you try to make a query? Full screen screen shots help along with the explanations and If it's when you try to make a query, please list us the selected metrics and dimensions. Thanks!

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Hi Jouni!

I've attached a screenshot of the dimensions and metrics. It's when I try to make a query and load the table with the results that the error message comes up. 

Hi Ed,

thank you for the full screenshot. It helped us investigating the issue and we have just released a fix for it. Could you give it a go and tell us if it works for you? Thanks!

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

It is working, but when I use some metrics the error comes back, such as using % of reach from organic. I've attached the two photos to show it works without that metric but not with that metric. 

Also it stops working when I try to use shares as a metric too. 

Click 'See details' and you should see the reason for why it's not working.

I am having a similar problem.

When I try to connect the Facebook Insights channel, I see a quick page and then it disappears.

I did notice this error at the top of the side bar "Log out from [object Object] failed: ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action."

I tried logging out, then connecting, logging back in on FB but then nothing still happens.

We are having the same issue. 

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