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Twitter Ads data slow to load

Hi, I'm trying to run a report with Twitter add using campaign name, impressions, clicks, cost for 1st to 31st August and it takes an age (15mins +) to load. If I change something and refresh, even longer. If I interup the process after 20 mins or so, it seems to then render the data. I'm connecting to a Twitter account that accesses all out clients accounts and so reporting on a clients data rather than ours. Any ideas?


We have released a fix for this. Could you check your reports again?

Best Regards,

- Supermetrics Team


I'm also having an issue with Twitter ads data not loading, it just seems to be stuck in a constant loop.

Is there any fix for this?

Hi Nebiat - it doesn't seem to be any faster. Twitter has always been slow on Ctyfe but not like this. Do I need to log in and out again maybe?


There is a performance issue with the query processing on Twitter's side. We're working together with Twitter on getting this resolved as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your patience!

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- Supermetrics Team

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