Unknown metric: post_video_views_10s_sound_on

I'm currently getting an error that "These metrics and dimensions can't be fetched together (unknown metric: post_video_views_10s_sound_on)". I've attached a screenshot of the error as well as the other metrics and dimensions I've selected. 

Metrics: Total Impressions, Comments on Post, Shares on Post, Total post reactions, Total video views, Paid video views, 10s Video views with sound on.

Split by: Video ID, Video Permalink URL, Date, Post message, Video length

How can I resolve this issue, as I really need this metric? Also, when I pull the data, some of the data is missing, such as the Video Permalink and Video ID for 2 of the 6 videos I'm pulling out of Facebook.

  • Hi Caitlin,

    this is quite interesting. Could you do a test with the following setup:

    -Metrics: "10's video views with sound on"

    -Split by: "Video ID"

    and if you get the results, add one metric and split by dimension at a time to the query to see which one is "clashing" with the 10s video view metric. All the metrics and split by dimensions cannot be used in the same query.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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