Sort when queries database


I'm connected to my Redshift DWH. 

My query has a statement ORDER BY reg_date DESC

But supermetrics do not sort it as it should be. How to fix this? 

query id - JWR6i5HxH7a2B5fohTLURZ1doZx9DA

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  • Hi Andrei,

    Sorry to hear about your issue. There shouldn't be any sorting in the post-processing of Database connector queries – the order of the result rows should be exactly the same as in the SQL result set. Can you post the SQL query string you're using (in a support ticket if you don't want to post it publicly), so we can try to reproduce the issue? Thanks!

    Best regards,

    Viktor Djupsjöbacka

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum:

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