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How to include deleted campaigns of FB accounts on reports

We are using data grabber but for some reason, the figures does not match the data in Adverts Manager. The discrepancy is coming from deleted campaigns. How do we generate a report that includes all campaigns including deleted campaigns?

Hi Adrian,

unfortunately deleted campaigns cannot be pulled from Facebooks API. This is not up to Supermetrics so the only thing that we can do at this point, is for you, the paying customers to ask of this feature to be added in to their API.

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-Supermetrics Team

It appears that there is indeed a solution that your developers didn't know about. I have copied that below. Is this still not implemented? It makes SuperMetrics wholly unreliable for Facebook if you can't fetch deleted items with delivery.

Below copied form a different forum

Hi Tj,

nice tip, thank you! We'll definitely take a look at this.

In the meanwhile, there's something wrong with this forum topic and we have to close it to prevent spam. If you wish to contact us about this subject, please do so at

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-Supermetrics Team

On Friday, December 16, 2016 at 5:01:43 PM UTC+2, Tj Wilkinson wrote:Is this still Facebook API limitation still occurring? Our agency wrote us with this suggestion: Not sure if this is still a reporting issue you experience with SuperMetrics via their plugin to the FB API, but we spoke to one of their engineers today and they provided us with the below API workaround that you might want to share with SuperMetrics: 
1. Fetching deleted campaigns through API: 
Ads manager uses “filtering” to fetch deleted ad sets. Sorry there isn’t any good documentation around this, but there’s a “deleted and archived objects” section here as a start. 
You could also add this filtering at ad set or campaign level with: adset.delivery_info or campaign.delivery_info 
2. Defining breakdowns for insights API:

Hi all, Checking in. Thanks for looking into this again. Have there been any developments? It's pretty critical to be able to pull historical data for campaigns that have been deleted or archived. Thanks

Any updates? Will this ever be possible?


This is a quite complex query to complete. Our development team has estimated Q2/2018 for possible implementation.

Terribly sorry to keep you waiting for a certain answer on this.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

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