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SEMrush - Incomplete Data

I'm trying to pull Domain Organic Search Keywords for a client domain and only receive less than half (545 keywords) the actual number of results when I pull the same report directly in SEMrush (1,296 keywords). 

Am I doing something wrong or will this not give me a full set of data?

Parameters I used: 

Data Source

  • SEMrush

Query Type

  • Select Query Type: Domain Organic Search Keywords
  • Domain: or (I tried both)
  • SEMrush database: US (
  • # of rows per item: 10000

Select Fields

  • Keyword
  • Position
  • Search Volume
  • URL


Url CONTAINS www.vertica

(18.8 KB)
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The results differ because SEMrush API lists keywords that bring users to a domain via Google's top 20 organic search results and the same report directly in SEMrush uses top 100 organic search results. 

So in this case it's not possible to get the full set of data using their API.

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Harri Lampi

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