Google Search Console | Incorrect dates

My Google Search Console data is being populated correctly... except for the dates. The query segments the data by week, i.e. last week's impression, clicks etc. matches those I see on the GSC interface. 

The problem is in the week column: it only returns today's date, i.e. the date the query was run / refreshed. 

I've created a new query with different time frames, etc. but it does not seem to work correctly. Could this be a fixable bug?

Query Information Details:

  • Date range: last90days
  • Metrics: impressions, clicks, position
  • Split by (rows): yearweek, query, searchtype
  • Filters: searchtype==WEB
  • Sort: yearweek_desc;2nd:impressions_desc

  • Hi Dylan,

    The problem with the yearweek date conversion has now been fixed.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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