Auto Refresh Not Working

I have a handful of sheets that auto refresh every hour through my super pro account. None of these sheets have updated since yesterday at 6am central time and these are all using sql database connections. 

I also tried to manually refresh all queries and it still doesn't even try to run the queries. The pop up comes up and said it ran successfully, but it actually doesn't run and there's not a new datastamp in the queries status sheet either. What do i need to do?

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  • I'm running into exactly the same issue, happening at exactly the same time as the poster is reporting Google Analytics data pulls seem to refresh just fine, but SQL queries I have pointing at out in-house mysql database won't refresh under any circumstance. I can create NEW queries and they will populate, but if I try to refresh them, they just hang. It looks like if you leave them for a long time they will eventually behave like the poster of this issue is describing, but these are queries which normally refresh in 20-30 seconds. I wind up canceling them after 15 minutes. This is a big issue for us as we rely heavily on SQL draws combined with cost data from a variety of other engines (Facebook, AdWords, GA, etc) Can we get this bumped up?

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  • Any resolution here?  I am having similar issues with auto refresh

  • Same here, any suggestion ? 

  • Hey, we're having similar issues. We noticed a discrepancy between manually refresh and automatic queries in the last couple of months. Is there a way to fix this?

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