Error: Daily Limit Exceeded in DoubleClick Bid Manager


I cannot update the DoubleClick queries. I have a few documents with a Daily and weekly update scheduled.

Until the last week it worked properly, but from the last 7 days It does not update none of the queries from any document.

I know there is a Maximum of 2000 requests per day. However, I do not have any data, none of the queries is working.

Do you have a clue about what can be happening?

Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately this issue is at Google's end and we can only support them on fixing the issue. 

    Please visit for more information.

    We're sorry for the troubles that this is causing you. 

    Kind regards,

    Dawit Nida

    Software Developer

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum:

  • Hi, the last message I read in that forum is this:

    Latest development from DoubleClick about the issue: 

    “We believe the bug could be less with the API and more with the reporting stack. We are still working through a resolution.”


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

    Do you have any new on this issue? Please, let us know. Thanks in advance

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  • This is becoming an issue for me as well. If I do a manual update all is well but updates from trigger(s) fail every night. I have ETL setup around this that combines this data with other sources. I REALLY need it to work with a trigger because the logic is going to become pretty complex and this will cause everything to fail in production.

    Any developments?

  • Hello Joel,

    This is actually DoubleClick for Advertisers/Campaign Manager. Supermetrics is relaying the exceeding quota limit message from Google. 

    Please check your DoubleClick Campaign Manager account quota limit. I can't even open the error link from Google ( You have the link on the response on the sheets/screenshots you've attached. 

    Kind regards, 

    Dawit Nida

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