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Is there a way to sort or filter twitter results? I've attached a screenshot of my query. Essentially I want to pull all recent tweets with the keyword "college". It lets me choose between recent, popular, and mixed - I'm not sure exactly how those work.  

Can I restrict the query to pull only tweets in the past x days with at least y retweets, or something like that? 



  • Hi Matthew, 

    to tell you the truth, neither do we. Those are the options that Twitters API offers but we have no insight on which kind of algorithm decides which are included in which.

    As Twitters simple connector is, well, as the name says, simple, theres not much that we can do with it unfortunately. You can though change the "X day view" from the options, for example by setting "_90D_VIEW" in to Advanced Settings, you'll get the oldest possible results to your query, which is last 90 days with their API.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Thanks Jouni, much appreciated! Do you know how I'd be able to add a filter like "min_retweets:1000" (which I would type into a manual twitter search)? 

  • Hi,

    this is unfortunately also not possible with the Twitter Simple Connector. I suggest using filtering inside Google Sheets after getting the results.


    -Supermetrics Team

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