Filter by placement=instagramstream not pulling data


Yesterday my standard formulas for filtering Facebook Ads data for Instagram started returning "Error: No Data Found" for periods and metrics that definitely have data.  The formulas have not been changed and were working last week.  Today, the data is still not pulling.  I'm using the filter "placement=instagramstream".  Is this an issue on my end or something else going on?



  • Hi Scott,

    there shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary at our end. Let's first confirm that your filter should work so that we can see if that's whats causing it.

    Please make a following new query:

    -Daterange: For example last month

    -Metrics: Clicks (all)

    -Split by: Placement

    With this query, you should see if the placement values have changed / whether you should modify your filter.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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