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Twitter Sale Amount

Hi all,

the reported sale amount for a Twitter account is off by a factor of 10.000.000, i.e. reported revenue is 13000000 when it should be 1,3.

The Twitter UI reports the correct value.

What to do?

Thanks a lot,

- Felix

Hi Felix,

it's most likely due to incompatible formatting in those cells. Try changing the format by selecting the correct cells, and changing it from here:


Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Thanks, Jouni.

Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem: I can change the format of the cell, but the value remains e.g. 63.000.000 € rather than 63 €:

So it is likely a problem of the value returned by Supermetrics; the one in the Twitter interface is ok.

Best regards, Felix

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