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Multiple Users in Organization

Hi! I need to understand the best way to have a "back up" at my company with my Supermetrics set up. I'm currently using it for Google Data Studio reports from Google Sheets data, pulled by Super Metrics. I have one license that is linked to my google account. 

I've read your feedback to others: There are no restrictions on more than one person using Supermetrics with one license. But we do recommend creating different accounts for every user because it is more controllable for you (personnel changes etc.) and mainly because it prevents errors caused by simultaneous users with one account. 


Each Supermetrics license can be only connected to one google account at the time but please note that there are discounts for multiple licences on our webstore.

My follow up question to this is if we were to purchase another license for my colleague, is there a way to tie the two accounts together so they wouldn't have to recreate everything I've set up? A way to give them access?

(I am going on maternity leave soon and need them to have full access to everything.) Thank you!  

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