AdWords daily shceduled query issue when no filter match found

I have an adwords query set up which has a filter for certain campaigns.

This query is supposed to update daily with data for yesterday only.

The problem is the campaigns I am filtering for aren't running at the weekends and that seems to be upsetting the query which is scheduled to run daily.

Instead of the query running and not returning anything it it just returns the Account dimensions with blank date and all metrics set to 0.

That's upsetting my report as that invalid data is automatically being appended to a sheet with all our marketing channels.

I tried filters and it doesn't work and I need the Account column there to identify the country the campaign was run in - any other solutions?

  • A workaround I realised as soon as I posted is to remove the Account dimension and replace it with Country instead.

    In that case the query returns no data which is what I required.

    However, still a bit odd that when the Account dimension is there the query runs returning only the dimension and nothing else - will report it via feedback as well.

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