Data won't load after June 30


I have created a back-end with roughly 10 000 lines on a google sheet with supermetrics. 

The query is Year-To-Date and it should retrieve roughly 10 000 lines. It has 5 dimensions in the "split to column".(Creative, line item, ad unit, date & order) 

However, it does not want to go beyond June 30. It is not because of the date setting. When I take out a "split to column" dimension, it works and I get all the data I need. (Except the dimension I need...)

It is not because I have reached the end of the google sheet. 

How can I fix that?


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  • Hi,

    sometimes Google Sheets is updating slowly when the query is giving it a huge amount of results. You could do this in smaller patches. For example select a certain date -up to which you first pull in data. When you have the results in, you can create a new query starting from the next line (remove headers in sidebar options is a handy tool for this).

    If you are setting an auto-refresh trigger, then you can delete the first query that has the older results because it doesn't need to refresh any more. (when you open that query in to the sidebar, click "delete query", not "delete query and data" so that the results stay in the sheet)

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics team

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