Facebook - Attribution - Website Purchases and Website Purchase Conversion Value

I am trying to report on two metrics from Facebook Ads:

• Website Purchases

• Website Purchase Conversion Value

In my Facebook Ads Manager I have attribution set to CLICK attribution, however with Supermetrics the values seem to match closer to VIEW attribution.

How can this be changed?

  • Hi James,

    you can change the conversion attribution window from the Options drop-down menu:


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Are you able to change how the conversion is attributed to a certain day? In FAcebook, there's a parameter called "action_report_time" where you can set it to attribute the conversion to the day the impression/click occurred, but you can also change it to when the conversion actually happened.

  • Hi! We do not have such a feature yet but our development team started to investigate if it's possible to add to our connectors as well.

    We will let you know in our monthly newsletter if and when it comes available.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi there, I would like to request this feature as well!

    It shouldn't be too difficult to implement because we just need to add in an additional parameter to the request. Oftentimes, we're taking our reported conversions and then matching them up with another sales report. 

    For instance, take a furniture company that does many offline sales as well. We want to see how advertising helps increase overall sales both online and in-store when we're advertising. However, since people will think about a large purchase like a sofa for a good amount of time, impression reporting attributes the revenue and the conversion to a day in the past. Impression time makes it difficult to answer the question, "What percentage of yesterday's sales were attributed to digital?" Sometimes, it's more helpful for the conversions to be attributed to the day on which the conversion happened vs. the day on which the initial click/impression happened.

    Is there any manual way to do this using and of the advanced fields? Is this on the roadmap?

    FB docs:  (see action_time_report section)

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