Error: Facebook request quota has been exceeded, please try again in one hour.


I'm getting "Error: Facebook request quota has been exceeded, please try again in one hour." message in some of the Google spreadsheets I have created. I've looked into the FAQ

but there is no way I'm making 4,800 requests per day. 

Can you look into my account and see if this is correctly addressed?

Is there any menu where I can see the entire catalogue of queries that I have created?

  • Over the last couple weeks, getting data off FB Insights off Supermetrics Google Drive has been a nightmare. 

    I think you guys should serious think of not accepting new customers until you sort this out. 8 out 10 cases, demanding queries for FB insights, whichRefreshed successfully used to work quite well, are no longer working.

    Most common errors include Request quote exceeded, and Time out, but more recently, 

    I've also seen under Supermetrics Queries tab saying "Refreshed successfully" but in reality, 

    these is no data pulled through.

  • Same for me, any news on this?

    I cant longer refresh simple queries

  • Any update? 

  • Seriously this is still a problem.

  • Hello to all,

    sorry for lack of replies in this thread. Though it is quite rare, sometimes the Facebooks API quota automatically assigned to us might reach it's limit. We have recently done changes in to our system to prevent this from happening. If it still reaches the limit in the future, we have taken measures that will ensure a quick response from our end with it. 

    We're very sorry for the inconvenience. 

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi. the daily quota exceed message is still prevailing even though I have not refreshed a single query. Why is this happening. This is hampering the business. Please reply asap and fix this issue. It has happened many times in the past as well.

  • Hi Blink Media,

    we'd need to investigate your case further. Could you please send us a private ticket about this.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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