Facebook API issues

I successfully managed to hook up to both the Facebook insights & ads API with Google Sheets last week. However this week, no settings have changed, and Supermetrics is telling me that:

"The query has been loaded to the editor, but some Facebook Ads accounts could not be found from the active Facebook Ads user (XXXXXXXXXXXX). The account selections that have not been loaded are: XXXXXX"

The same account is hooked up accept i can no longer see any of the ad accounts or facebook pages that the account is admin for - its just shows me an ad account by its ID (of which I dont recognise). Effectively at my end in terms of admin permissions, nothings changed. 

I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting but the problem persists. 

Any ideas? 

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  • Same here starting today. Any solutions?

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  • Also same problem, for FB no accounts and account data

  • I face the same problem

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