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Twitter Analytics data pull

Hi all, 

How can I pull Twitter Analytics data?

I am using Twitter common data source, with "Twitter user tweets" selection. There is only data for likes and retweets, but no engagement rate or impressions number. 

How can I pull those metrics?

Thank you.

  • Really hoping this can be implemented soon.

  • HI, 

    any update? Thanks!

  • Hi, any news about this?

  • Hi! No news at this point. Sorry to keep you waiting!

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Would like to see this as well.

  • Hey, Do we have an estimated date for this beta release ? 

    I hope this can be implemented soon.


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  • I am also very much in need of this connector and would appreciate being notified of any update!

    - Justin

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  • Hi there, 

    same request on my side, we are currently testing Supermetrics with Google Data Studio and organic Twitter performance is key for us. 

    Any chance this would be available soon?

    Many thanks,


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  • It is also very important for us as we have like 5+ franchises on twitter . We have very rich report but always missing twitter.

    Can we be part of the BETA ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi, 

    Id like to see this as well please 

    e.g. impressions 


  • We'd also like to be a part of the beta testing that would let us pull Twitter organic data! I've seen other platforms have access to this (like the already mentioned Sprout). I'm not keen on using Sprout as I enjoy the flexibility of Supermetrics, so you all adding access to this type of Twitter data would be much appreciated.  

  • I'm also curious about why this thread notes this issue is "Solved"? There is still a solve needed for this...An update form this front would be great! 

  • I am interested in a Twitter Analytics connector for Data Studio as well! Would be great to not have to go to different sources for Facebook and Twitter.

  • When will this be ready? I would like to connect up to my account. The data available is shocking at the moment. :(

  • Our agency has numerous clients in desperate need of this connector!! Any updates? How do we sign up to be a part of the beta?



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