Yahoo Gemini - State,Date & Cost in one sheet - Data Error

I am getting the error - These metrics and dimensions can't be fetched together

I want 

Daily Date, State (Region) & Cost in one single google sheet but its not coming & showing error.

i have attached the screenshot of error.

  • Hi Atishay,

    if you encounter errors like this, they are restrictions from the data source. It means that some of the metrics and/or dimensions are not "related" to each other and cannot be used in the same query. You can see what combinations are possible by removing one metric or dimension at a time from the query.

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

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  • but what is the best way to get this done? I see this is common issue with Yahoo and see other comments where your team have marked it solved. Can you please check it once more!

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