Date range issue

Hello, we are experience a similar problem with our own query.

The source is Double Click for Advertisers. The query id is PwYLVzxSEzvdeoSJR4LIjAtwkcmir9

Just for testing, the date is set to yesterday (currently the 15th) but the the date in the rows returned is the 14th. I have attached a screenshot.

Initially I thought this might be a problem with the time zone settings is DDM, but as you can see (second screenshot) the time zone is correctly set.

Is there is something I'm missing. Also, if I am not, is it possible to create a custom date range that will update (add 7 days) at the end of each date block?

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  • Hi Rhys,

    Thanks for your patience.  I have run couple of test queries based on your Query params, I found out that when you want to have eg. today's date (2017-07-05) then it needs to have 2017-07-06 and the return has today's data (screenshot below)


    So you could change the date to 16th then while you make the query. 

    As for the custom date ranges, you can go to the Select dates, and select Custom date range from the drop-down. There is a tip note if you click on the Start/End (screenshot below)


    OR click inside the date selection box (see screenshot below)


    So you could use those tips to have custom date ranges for your queries. 

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    Dawit Nida

    Software Developer

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

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