MailChimp : Daily New Subscribers

Hi Jouni,
I've been trying to create a MailChimp report to see how many new subscribers I get every day for a couple of hours now.

I tried the hack you suggested in this post but I did not have any success. I can retrieve data when I put 

# of rows to fetch

 below 500. But I actually have rather 50k + users in one list.

---> I would only need to get the number of new subscribers for yesterday
---> I could not make any filters work to reduce the amount of data feched

Any help on how to create this report would be very much appreciated!

  • Hi Andri,

    unfortunately at least at the moment it's quite impossible to track the new users. You can find "combine new results with old" from Options, but as Mailchimp doesn't allow members to be split by date, it is not possible to keep the old results as that function needs a date to refer to.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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