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Facebook Ads Post Pictures Larger Sizes

For Facebook Ad sources, I know that it is possible to get the URL of the post thumbnail through the "Promoted Post Picture" field. However, this is a thumbnail and typically 130 x 130. Is it possible to get the full-sized image through Super Metrics? I'm using Super Metrics for Google Drive. 

Thank you.

Hi Andrew,

I cannot say about the size of the picture, but you can get the picture URL pulled in with "Post picture URL" split by value. And from that, you can pull in the picture with a google sheets script if you wish.

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Jouni Hyötylä

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

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Hi, see below example call of the graph API:

Currently the field Post Picture URL calls for 'picture' not 'full_picture'.

If this would be changed in API connector in Data Studio it would automatically pull in correct images, not thumbnails.



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