facebook total post reaction discrepancy

hello , I am trying to take out this data from our facebook account : the total post reaction for a specific month.

Using the total post reaction metric  the amount of reactions I have from supermetrics in the range of month (for example may ) is different from the amount I have in the facebook insight for the same month for example :

super metrics 477734 facebook (calculating it from the graph) is 534726

do you know Why ? 

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  • Googled this and figured it out, for other people who might be landing here from Google.

    Facebook includes all reactions, including reactions to shares of the original post.

    Supermetrics's API only provides reactions to the original post itself.

    I'm not sure if there's a way to fix this or not. It is problematic, as, without that data, Reactions + Comments + Shares + Content Clicks != Engagements

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