Notification when queries don't refresh successfully

I tried looking into a zapier integration for this...

Is there a way when running multiple queries on multiple sheets to get notified when an error occurs stating queries failed.

I see that I can have a PDF emailed during refresh which I can review and see the supermetrics tab and look at the Last Status column.  However, is there a feature or way to have a notification only when one of those statuses isn't 'green'?

It would be awesome if I got an email when an error happened and it listed which google sheet so I can review.

Or if a zapier intregration monitored the supermetrics tab and sent an alert when errors arose (IE: if column I didn't have Refreshed successful, send a message to me).  I would then not have to read every pdf to see if errors are happening.

  • Hi Jason,

    this kind of notification system is actually on the development list. Cannot say for sure yet whether it is coming but we'll definitely investigate on the possibilities. Thanks for giving us the feedback and tip!

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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  • That's awesome!  Thanks for the update - Happy Monday

  • I agree that this is critical and absolutely needs to be part of supermetrics.

    One example is that I use supermetrics as a spend vs budget estimator. Because LinkedIn data grab failed today (thus all linkedin data is null) it looks like the client will be way under budget. Good thing I looked deeper myself because they will actually be over budget. That sort of error could really do damage to an agency that relies on supermetrics.

    Same thing goes for reporting. What if I have datastudio reports all set up with supermetrics-powered sheets and an entire traffic source is missing? All reporting will be off completely. This would be another major problem for agencies.

    I hope this gets priority to be updated (so all scheduled queries automatically email the creator if the data grab has any errors). 

  • Any update on this? Yesterday all of my facebook queries didn't work (some error). No notification and no automatic re-try later. I had to go through all of my spreadsheets manually today to refresh again. Lots of time. It would be great if there's also a feature to keep trying to refresh failed queries on some interval for x amount of tries if they fail. Side note but it would also be great if there were a place where I could see all of my queries (across all spreadsheets) and bulk refresh anything I needed to at once, instead of going to each spreadsheet to do it.

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  • One workaround while the SuperMetrics is developing this feature might be to use a Google Sheets add-on such as Magic Cell Notifications.

    This add on will fire off an email to a designated email address when a cell value reaches a certain threshold. You might be able to write a formula which returns 1 if all refreshes were successful and 0 if one or more refreshes failed, using this to drive an email notification.

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