Individual Floodlight Activity Reporting

I am trying to build a raw data report that allows me to view each floodlight activity individually along with viewing Click-thru and View-thru conversions. I am easily able to build this in DCM. how do i do this in SM?

I've attached the DCM file that i built. please see column N and on. These are the kind of floodlight activity columns i'd like to pull.


  • I don't think you'll be able to replicate your DCM report exactly as you can't add the different floodlight activities as individual columns.

    However, "Floodlight activity tag" is available as a dimension, which would split out the different conversions. Pivoting the data would then get you close to your DCM report.

    I've recently been getting errors with this though, generating the message:

    Query failed: Dimension name 'dfa:floodlightActivityGroupTagString' is not valid.

    Very frustrating!

  • Was there ever a fix for : "Query failed: Dimension name 'dfa:floodlightActivityGroupTagString' is not valid"

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