Facebook Ads to Google Data Studio


i already able to display my current FB Ads Stats to Google Data Studio (GDS). It simply display the campaign performance which refresh daily

At this moment i need to get more detail (and hope this is possible)

1. How to bind data with GDS's date range ? i need to compare and look data within specific date range. I assume my current setting will not fit this inquire as i need to store daily stats (and not just refresh data). What's the best practice to achieve this?

2. i looked at your "High Level Monthly Report (Facebook Ads), This is what i'm trying to accomplish within Data Studio. I looked at some of the cell, it pointing to "Data" sheet which hidden (i think).. the formula is simply like this =Data!B29 Where can i see the "Data" sheet ?

3. How to request Edit Permission my Copy of High Level Monthly Report so i can learn from the template


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