Create user formula based on dynamic values


I've created a report from Google Analytics, and after running, I've added another column with a certain formula based on the values received,

Of course after another refresh of the report, the formula values/column disappeared.

My question is what is the best way to achieve that, hence, add calculated column on a report.

  • Hi Assaf,

    if you do formulas in to your sheet, you cannot do them in to the same cell area where the data is being pulled in. Otherwise Supermetrics wipes them and adds in refreshed results when you query is refreshed. Please do the formulas in to a separate row/column which doesn't have any Supermetrics queries in them.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Give me some credit please..:/

    That's what I did. If the query put results on column a+b, my formula is on C. and it deletes them as well.

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