Datagrabber, Date Functionality Broken. Keeps crashing - Mac Office 2011.

I am running the following columns through Adwords:

Date,Ad group ID,Country,City,Region,Metro area,Impressions,Clicks,Cost,Conversions,Total conversion value.

Why is Datagrabber crashing for any more than 1 week?? It says on the product features that you can download 1M rows! I'm looking to download 2 years.

For Mac users: This product does not work on Office 2016. You need to download Office 2011 like I did ($100). Pay for the Supermetrics Adwords Module ($50).

Also the basic date selection tool is completely broken too (Year 0??). See images below. 

As there is no support email or number this forum is the only avenue of suppport...



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