Facebook Insights (Data Use Confusion)

I'm a novice to the complex world of Facebook's Insights data, so bare with me. I've been trying very hard to figure out how to avoid getting the constant error messages from Supermetrics when trying to select Metrics for my query into Google Sheets. I basically just want to get a list of all the data for every single post, with their posting dates, and the associated metrics (likes, comments, shares, individual reactions, and other engagements with each post). In my mind I should be able to select any metric associated with a post and then split the data by "date"...but it's not allowing that. 

I would really love a cheatsheet, a listing or something that says tells me to how to get all the post data and what metrics I can get into one sheet, something that tells me all the data I can get for overall Page metrics, etc. 

I've been at this for a couple days now and it's extremely frustrating trying to figure out something that, in my mind at least, should be simple enough to do...just give me all the data about all my posts, sorted by date. 

Any help would be immensely appreciated.

  • Nevermind. It looks like I figured it out. I split by both Date and Post ID and was able to include many of the metrics I needed for the posts like reaction, comments, etc. Sometimes it takes writing it out to figure it out. Thanks

  • Hi Scott,

    thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately it's very hard to create a cheatsheet as the metric/dimension compatibility possibilities are so complex. Easiest way is to remove metrics and/or dimensions(split by values) one by one to see which of the was not compatible with the rest of your query.

    We'd be happy to give you a hand. For that, could you please send us a screenshot of your query in the sidebar, showing all the details. Thanks!

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä


    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum: support.supermetrics.com

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