incomplete FB post data import

I have a query pulling post level data from Facebook. Once it's in my spreadsheet I have several additional columns where additional data is entered manually corresponding to each post.

On the automatic update today a new post was grabbed from February and inserted as a row in the middle of the table. Since the additional columns I add are manual, they were all out of sync from there down.

I'm wondering if you've encountered this and have any recommendations along the lines of...

1) ensuring we get all the data the first time, so new rows are not inserted in the middle of data sets

2) sorting rows by when they were added to the data set, so new rows are always at the bottom even if the posts they refer to were in the past and were for some reason missed

3) tips on binding manual data to imported data so even if the imported data is re-sorted the manual data re-sorts alongside


  • Hi,

    thanks for contacting us. Let's go through these one by one:

    1.) You most likely have a second query that is also refreshing with your auto-refresh trigger. It is not possible for one query to pull data in to two different locations. Please check your queries from here: Can I see/edit all of the queries that I've created?

    2.) You can change the sorting any way you like from here:


    3.) This is quite hard to accomplish unless you find a suitable row/column sortings from both Supermetrics and from sheets for your manually added data.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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