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Google Search Console - rank for search term


I'm a new customer considering your product, can you provide the rank a website has for a specific search term, if so how?

I'm trying to reproduce this list of items

Google Search: financial advisor for physicians

Google Search: financial planner for physicians

Google Search: financial planner for doctors

Google Search: financial planning for physicians

Google Search: financial planning for doctors

Google Search: financial advice for doctors

Google Search: physician family financial advisor

Google Search: physician family

Mailchimp: Subscribers

Page View: All Users

Sessions: All Users

Avg Visit Duration (secs): All Users (secs)

Unique Users

New Users: Bounce Rate

New Users: Page Views

New Users: Sessions

New Users: Pages/Session

New Users: Avg Session Duration (secs)

Google+: Followers

Twitter: Followers

Alexa: Incoming Links



Prospects Generated

Initial Visits Held: all prospects

Initial Visits Held: web prospects

Prospects Converted: web only

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Hi Robert,

you have such a long list so we'll give you a couple of examples how to do the queries but I suggest taking a look at our tutorial at

Google search trends can be fetched like this:


With MailChimp, you can see all the available metrics when you click on the "Select":


Google+ and Twitter followers queries follow the same pattern. Just choose the data source, account(s) and metrics you want to see.

Alexa is unfortunately supported by Supermetrics yet. More info on new data sources can be found from here:

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

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