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We use Klaviyo as our ESP, does anyone know how we can integrate this with Supermetrics? I see they integrate with Mailchimp so I'm assuming ESP integration is possible....

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  • Hi Jana,

    we choose the next data source connector in to development by voting results. You can participate in the voting at https://support.supermetrics.com/discussions/topics/19000015989 


    We keep adding new sources on a fast pace, and for example following us on twitter: @Supermetrics you'll get the info as soon as new sources have been added to Supermetrics.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • +1 for Klaviyo integration. Klaviyo isn't on your voting options and it's very popular in e-commerce - please add it to the list of options:)

  • Hi Jeff,

    if you write it on the "Other" -it gets counted and once the requests go over a certain limit, it will be added to the list as well.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hey, so it's been a year and Klaviyo isn't on the list, so we can assume you aren't doing it? We're going to move to Funnel.io as a result, for what it's worth. We need Shopify & Klaviyo into Google Data Studio. 

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  • Hi!

    Klaviyo has received some votes but it's still not in the top part of the voting list so unfortunately it will still take some time until it's developed to Supermetrics. Our connector development takes time as Supermetrics approach is to get all the metrics and dimensions available in to the connector so you do not have to think whether there's a query that you may or may not be able to pull in. Hope that you understand.

    Shopify on the other hand is on the very top of the list and it shouldn't take long before we start the beta-testing for that.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics TEam

  • Just to pile onto this:

    I realize that Klaviyo might not have the votes, but it may be worth tweaking both the voting process and the development approach. Enterprise users might be outnumbered by more casual users, but that's likely because Supermetrics doesn't provide the range of functionality they require. Klaviyo is quickly becoming a mainstay of enterprise email management. 

    As for the development approach - the range of functionality offered for complex queries is definitely much appreciated, but it may be worth doing "early" release connectors with the most commonly pulled data and dimensions and then filling in the complete metrics/segments in later releases. 

    I've been a Supermetrics user for a long time, and have turned a lot of other people onto the service. I've done podcasts and articles about Supermetrics and have gladly promoted it - and I'll continue to do so for the foreseeable future - that being said, the competition is mounting. There are several competing services that are developing data connectors much, much faster than Supermetrics. They may not have the range of functionality, but they at least allow connections and basic data pulls. I don't think any of them totally have it "right" like Supermetrics does, both in terms of price and range of functionality, but very often if a pivotal connector isn't there, it just doesn't matter how great the rest of Supermetrics is - it's a deal-breaker. A company is going to switch data-connecting services before they switch email management solutions (for instance.)

    Case in point: This thread was started over 2 years ago - and the Supermetrics team stated that the Shopify connector was at the very top of the list *nine months ago* and I haven't heard a single thing about it since. If each new connector is going to take years to develop, I can't help but worry that Supermetrics will be eclipsed by a faster, nimbler outfit.

    Anyways, just my two cents. I love you guys and want to continue promoting and supporting you. I also really, really need both Shopify and Klaviyo automated pulls, and as such am having to look outside Supermetrics to support that need. I would much rather get it here. 



  • Just wanted to jump in here to drop a big +1 on James' comment. While I understand the purpose & approach to the voting process, Klaviyo has a significant portion of the market share for "bigger than Mailchimp" ecommerce operations that aren't ready for a full CRM.

    From James' post:

    "This thread was started over 2 years ago - and the Supermetrics team stated that the Shopify connector was at the very top of the list *nine months ago* and I haven't heard a single thing about it since."

     I love your service, Supermetrics, but I can't justify paying for a connector that won't connect to the primary email marketing service used by my ecomm clients -- especially when you've been getting requests for 2+ years, and made a promise 9 months ago without update.

    What's the ETA on this integration? And if it isn't coming any time soon, can you just tell us as much? I'm already getting the sweats thinking about how much work I'll have to re-do if I have to switch services. :/

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  • Updates on Klaviyo and shopify?

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  • We want Klaviyo! We want Klaviyo! (and Shopify)

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  • Hi team, any updates on this one?

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  • Klaviyo is the preferred partner for Shopify sites. Get it done! 

    According to an announcement at the Shopify Unite conference in June 2019, 820,000 merchants are now using the Shopify platform for their stores (Source: Shopify)“Active” stores are estimated at “over 500,000” (Source: Ecommerce Platforms

  • Echoing everyone's comments here.  Klaviyo is becoming more prominent in the email space and only going to get bigger.

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  • Have you guys,

    Have you setup Klaviyo yet. It must be on the top of your radar it is easily the biggest and fastest-growing email provider for E-commerce. Mailchimp lost big time to them. All of Shopify recommends Klaviyo.

  • Hi!

    Sadly Klaviyo is not on our roadmap for this year. If it is indeed getting more popular and pairs well with Shopify, we can certainly evaluate it for next years lineup.

    For those asking about Shopify - we have a version of the connector in Early Access now, but you may want to wait till next week to test as we have a big patch planned for that one that should make it much faster. The current version has some issues with larger order sets, so it may be challenging to use until we get the fixes in.



    Product Manager - Connectors

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