2 date columns and Data Studio


I made 2 different queries in the same Google Drive Sheet to pull data into the same Google Data Studio table. 

Problem is, each query create "date" columns, so this duplication causes an error into data studio. 

When a replace the header "date" with "Date2'. All works weel! I tried to make this cell protected, but refresh query always overwrites the modified cell. 

Any suggestion to prevent rewrite a particular cell? I can't simply not use header row because columns order can change (based in client list).

Thank you!

  • Hi Bernard,

    I suggest that you use headers only in the first query, or not at all. If you start the query from the second row without headers, you can set up headers in to the first row as you wish and they wont change because they are not part of your queries:


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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