Queries take 5+ min to fetch

I have one spreadsheet where I'm unable to make new queries without it taking 5+ minutes to fetch data for. It doesn't matter how small the query is. this spreadsheet has many tabs so I thought it had something to do with the limitation to tabs in google sheets. However, I had another previous spreadsheet that had about the same volume of tabs where I am still able to make queries with no problems.

This issue seems to be contained to just this one particular spreadsheet.

  • Hi Kathryn,

    sorry to hear about your issue. For us to investigate this, could you please give support@supermetrics.com a temporary edit access to the file and send us a link to it as a reply to this email. Mark the queries with the issue for example by changing the colour of the cells in to red.

    Also add in a screenshot of the results you see in  tools that you should get with Supermetrics. Thanks!

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä


    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum: support.supermetrics.com

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