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Issue with importing DCM data

Hey Supermetrics Team,

Super urgent issue. We've been experiencing this error whenever we try to update our DCM data:

Error: An unexpected error has occurred, we have logged the issue and will look into the problem

Please look into this as soon as possible!

Hi David,

I've checked the log and it seems that an unknown error occured during creating the DFA report before parsing the query result. 

And I rerun the query and got the  "RESULT_ROWS": 662 and seems to works fine now. I'll look closer into this, incase any of our customers have similar issues.

Have a happy easter!

Kind regards,

Dawit Nida

Software Developer

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

Support forum:

It's still been giving us this same error every now and then :( We tried a different login for the data source and it only worked for a few days before it started giving us the same error again. We really need a more solid answer than that. Thank you for your cooperation!

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