Issue with importing DCM data

Hey Supermetrics Team,

Super urgent issue. We've been experiencing this error whenever we try to update our DCM data:

Error: An unexpected error has occurred, we have logged the issue and will look into the problem

Please look into this as soon as possible!

  • Hi David,

    I've checked the log and it seems that an unknown error occured during creating the DFA report before parsing the query result. 

    And I rerun the query and got the  "RESULT_ROWS": 662 and seems to works fine now. I'll look closer into this, incase any of our customers have similar issues.

    Have a happy easter!

    Kind regards,

    Dawit Nida

    Software Developer

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum:

  • It's still been giving us this same error every now and then :( We tried a different login for the data source and it only worked for a few days before it started giving us the same error again. We really need a more solid answer than that. Thank you for your cooperation!

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