SEMRush Projects API

Hi Guys.

Love your work.

Keen to pull in KW rank data from SEMRush. I know there are other threads asking this and the response is that the SEMRush API doesn't support it. The issue is the API that Supermetrics has connected to doesn't contain this info, it's in a separate API - the SEMRUsh Projects API >

So any chance you guys could add a second SEMRush data source that connects to the SEMRush Projects API?



  • Hi Adam,

    SEMRush Projects API isn't in development at the moment, but we choose the next data source connector in to development by voting results. You can participate in the voting at 

    We keep adding new sources on a fast pace, and for example following us on twitter: @Supermetrics you'll get the info as soon as new sources have been added to Supermetrics.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Is there any update on this?

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