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How to access from here my scheduled querys?

Is there a panel to check my scheduled querys? 

Im clicking today schedule refresh & emailing and it wont simple work today.

I want to clear some programed queris for 1Adr7VIsjC8xJjkY6avMBImec2kJNnu5msGIhnZDDg3Q but I dont know how to find this main panel

Also, what happens if I delete a spreadsheet that had scheduled querys? Will the system detect this and delete them?

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Hi Daniel,

you can access your saved triggers from the same popup, by scrolling a little bit down:


Triggers won't be deleted if you delete the queries as they are linked to the particular sheet(s) and not queries themselves.

Best regards,

Jouni Hyötylä

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

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