Duplicating a Sheet and the Query


I have following situation. I'm a Freelancer with some long term clients and I want to build a Data Studio Dashboard with Source Spreadsheet.

So far so good. Supermetrics is intuitive, so I need to sheets for each Geo (Analytics & Search Console).

My Idea then was just duplicating the sheets and then change the GA Profile / SC Property to move on quick. 

But in fact this does not work. How can I "make the sidebar show the query for the active sheet"?

Is this possible?


  • Hi Jens,

    to copy the queries, you want to use the "duplicate" option to re-create every query on to the new sheet. Other option is to duplicate the whole sheet as a new file and then following these instructions starting from the part 4.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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