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Creating a Supermetrics Query based on a cell

Can parameters within your Supermetrics query be based on a cell within the spreadsheet?  For example, using a date in a cell on a spreadsheet as the start or end date of a query?  Thanks!

Hi Samit,

you can reference in to a certain cell to pull in the information (for example the start or end date) with this kind of reference: %RANGE:'xx'!yy% -where xx is the name of the sheet and yy is the cell (for example: %RANGE:'Test sheet'!A1%)

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Hi Jouni,

This does not work for me:

select %RANGE:'Sheet1'!A1%

 will return "query returned no data".



in a Google Sheet cell will return "formula parse error".

Can you help? This would be immensely useful.

Hi Christian,

could you please send us a screenshot of your sheet and sidebar showing the details of your query. Thanks!

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Hi Jouni,

Here's an example:


Am I doing something wrong?


I am also interested by this tips but I didn't undertand your answer.

Could you please explain how to do it?



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