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Data not refreshing in bulk for copied Sheet

Hey there,
I have just copied a sheet, copied and changed the references in the "SupermetricsQueries"-Tab, deleted the query Ids and then ran an "all refresh". However, the sheet is still showing the old figures. Only if I refresh every single query manually do they update. This makes the process very tedious and leaves me with a feeling of insecurity. Is there anything I could Do to speed up this process?





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Hi Jochen,

sorry to hear about your trouble. I believe this is related to the other issue that you posted earlier?

If this issue is still topical, could you please give a temporary access to the file and send us a link to it as a reply to this email. Mark the queries with the issue for example by changing the colour of the cells in to red. Thanks!

Best regards,

Jouni Hyötylä

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

Support forum:

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