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Hi Guys, 

I'm trying to execute one querie aquiring data from facebook ads account in one tab, and another querie aquiring data from google adwords in another tab in the same sheet. 
I do not know if I'm not doing it right or if it really is a limitation of Supermetrics not to allow this because when alternating between tabs the query shown in the Launch Bar is the same as the last and not set initially for collection in that tab.

In the Supermetrics queries tab the two correctly appear each in each corresponding tab.

Any light ??!



  • Hi Junior,

    sidebar shows you the selected query (if the cell that is chosen, has any results from a query). If you have selected a blank / non-supermetrics result cell, your sidebar is ready to create a new query.

    If you have clicked "modify" on the sidebar when an existing query is selected, that query will stay open for as long as you click either "Apply changes" or "Exit":


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