BLANKS_TO_ZEROES does not work


I used to use the advanced setting 'blanks_to_zeroes' to make sure all my cells would be filled, instead of having blank cells when value is zero. However, I've been trying to use blanks_to_zeroes in 2 different google sheets to new queries, but Supermetrics keeps giving me back blank cells. Even queries exactly similar to already exisiting queries elsewhere in the sheet, where the already existing query does still have the 'zeroes', but the new query gives me blank cells. 

Is there an error with this advanced setting or is there anything else that might cause the problem? 

Thanks in advance!

  • any solution to this ?

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  • Same problem. I can't use Supermetrics if this doesn't work.

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    If you're trying to do this with a query, then you can try this way-

    SELECT ISNULL([field], 0) FROM [table]


    ISNULL function was used incorrectly - this modified version uses IIF

    SELECT IIF(ISNULL([field]), 0, [field]) FROM [table]

    If you want to replace the actual values in the table, then you'll need to do it this way:


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