Urgent: Multiple Issues

Hey there, 


I am regularly running into trouble with your tool when I am trying to create new report based on existing reports in one google sheets document. I have two specific questions in that regard:


1) Do I need to delete the query id before I run a refresh anytime I make manual changes on the "SupermetricsQueries" sheet?


2) What am I doing wrong if queries change their sheet name during refresh. This happens regularly to me and then I end up with two queries referencing the same sheet and range.


3) Are there any implications if I add a row or column that moves the cells with my Supermetrics queries in it?


4) Are there any implications if I revert to previous versions of the google sheets document?


A timely response would be great since I am working on some urgent reports.


Thanks a lot for your help.




  • Hi Jochen,

    sorry to hear about your issues.

    1.) You don't need to delete the query ID if you change the queries manually

    2.) If this happens, I suggest deleting and re-creating those queries (sometimes but fortunately quite rarely the queries interact with tab / sheet name changes unexpectedly)

    3.) As long as you add/delete the whole row or column (and not copy paste the query results to another location) -the queries should automatically change their range address

    4.) We unfortunately don't have much documented experience with this kind of changes in the sheets and cannot say for certain how it would affect the queries

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum:

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