Tracking historical Quality score


I'd like to do a report to track quality score daily/weekly but where each new date adds up to the previous one, so one new day per row. Since it's a static metric I can't use the "YTD" setting since it would override my historical data. 

I haven't found the function to add a new row/query per date automatically. 

Is there one? 

  • *short version of the answer talked through email with the user

    Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment but it is something that we have been working on but nothing has been released yet.

  • Hello, 

    I'm working on an historizing query for Adwords quality score. 
    I select [date], [impression] and [quality score] per [keyword] and [matchtype], with the date range of today (schedule at 11pm each day), and the option "Combine new results with old". 

    The problem is that some raws of last refresh just disappear

    In my exemple, I have 545 raws for the 2017-05-08. 
    When I refresh query, I have 586 raws : 288 for the 2017-05-08 
    and 297 for the 2017-05-09.

    Is it possible to just add new result at the end of old, without modifying the historical statistics ?

    Thank you for you answer.


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