Time Out- Freezing inside Google Sheets for Metrics like

Can anyone explain why the product always freezes. At the moment it is unusable for me. I pick up the program once a week- and then drop it because when I am inside Google Sheets- the product freezes

I cant select accounts. I cant select metrics. These both have egg timers.

I have tried refreshing and starting over many times- but still get the same error.

After 5 minutes of loading- I get this error message.


Lost connection to Google.

You may have to relaunch this sidebar from the add-ons menu

This is very disappointing as  new user of the product. All I want to do it build datasets that I can use with Google Data studio. 

  • This sounds like a problem in your network connection. Can you try right-clicking the sidebar, click Inspect and then Console, and post a screenshot here?

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