How can I add 'unique mobile app starts' metric for facebook ads report?

There's a column called 'Unique Mobile App Starts' in facebook ads manager, but I didn't find it in the metrics settings in supermetrics. There's only 'unique actions' whose number is always larger than ''Unique Mobile App Starts'.

  • Hi,

    You can now find the metric "Unique actions: FB mobile activate app" in the metrics section "Unique actions by type".

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Thanks Viktor, it's working now.

  • Hi Jouni, thanks for your quick reply, but the metric you mentioned (Actions: FB mobile activate app) is not the same as that I've described in the last reply. Please note that this  'app_custom_event.fb_mobile_activate_app' is under the  'unique_actions' umbrella. I've compared some real data and found that 'Actions: FB mobile activate app' metric in your screenshot is actually under the 'actions' umbrella, so it's not 'unique'.

  • Hi,

    You're right – the metric is missing for unique actions. We'll add that (and others) within the next few days.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Yu,

    every metrics that is available in the Facebook Ads API, you should find from Supermetrics.

    Could you please check their reports list and if you find any that are missing from Supermetrics, please let us know:

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi, I checked the available fields in the API document and found "unique_actions" which contains the data that I want but is not available in supermetrics. Below is an example of the fetched json data:

      'unique_actions': [{'action_type': 'app_custom_event', 'value': '4088'},

       {'action_type': 'app_custom_event.fb_mobile_activate_app', 'value': '4088'},

       {'action_type': 'app_custom_event.fb_mobile_purchase', 'value': '156'},

       {'action_type': 'app_custom_event.other', 'value': '3788'},

       {'action_type': 'comment', 'value': '7'},

       {'action_type': 'link_click', 'value': '2534'},

       {'action_type': 'mobile_app_install', 'value': '156'},

       {'action_type': 'mobile_app_retention', 'value': '4096'},

       {'action_type': 'mobile_app_roas', 'value': '4096'},

       {'action_type': 'page_engagement', 'value': '2656'},

       {'action_type': 'page_story', 'value': '2656'},

       {'action_type': 'post', 'value': '3'},

       {'action_type': 'post_engagement', 'value': '2656'},

       {'action_type': 'post_reaction', 'value': '192'},

       {'action_type': 'post_story', 'value': '2656'}]

    The value of 'app_custom_event.fb_mobile_activate_app' is shown as 'Unique Mobile app Starts' in the ads manager. Currently it's not available to get this data into google sheets with supermetrics.

  • Hi,

    thank you for the clarification. In this case the metric is already in Supermetrics:


    If you cannot find some metrics with the same name as in original data source, try typing the original data source metric in to the Supermetrics field and it probably returns you the one that you are looking for.


    -Supermetrics Team

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