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Pulling GA Data with Non-Default Attribution

Hi All,

I was surprised when I did a search for "attribution" and nothing came up.

Is there a way to pull revenue data from Google Analytics on any other attribution model besides the default last paid click?

For example, we would like to use position based (sometimes called U shaped) attribution model when we pull the revenue data.


  • Hi Scott,

    nothing comes to mind straight away. You can check Google Analytics documentation to see if their API offers any dimensions for this:

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä

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  • Wow - I need this too; didn't think it was rare. Visitors come via PPC and then convert later directly and I need to give some credit to PPC; can't do this with last-click attribution!

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  • As of today, looks like Google still doesn't have Model Comparison Tool data available in the API. Will really help if/when this capability exists, rather than having to pull it manually.

  • If it helps, I'm looking for this too.

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