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Pulling GA Data with Non-Default Attribution

Hi All,

I was surprised when I did a search for "attribution" and nothing came up.

Is there a way to pull revenue data from Google Analytics on any other attribution model besides the default last paid click?

For example, we would like to use position based (sometimes called U shaped) attribution model when we pull the revenue data.


Hi Scott,

nothing comes to mind straight away. You can check Google Analytics documentation to see if their API offers any dimensions for this:

Best regards,

Jouni Hyötylä

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Wow - I need this too; didn't think it was rare. Visitors come via PPC and then convert later directly and I need to give some credit to PPC; can't do this with last-click attribution!

As of today, looks like Google still doesn't have Model Comparison Tool data available in the API. Will really help if/when this capability exists, rather than having to pull it manually.

If it helps, I'm looking for this too.


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